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Drunk in Love: 10 Things We Regret Telling Our New In-laws While We Were Drunk

For most people, talking with their in-laws can be a bit awkward, and adding alcohol into the equation is like playing a game of Russian roulette. Secrets are revealed, compliments become flirty, and questions you think are innocent can get way too personal. Whether you’re sober, buzzed, or completely trashed, here are 10 things you should definitely keep from telling your in-laws:

1. I see where she gets her good looks.

Drunkinlaws 1

Image Source: YouTube

2. How much is your life insurance policy worth?

Drunkinlaws 2

Image Source: Raw Story

3. Could you give me some Viagra for the honeymoon?

Drunkinlaws 3

Image Source: NBC News

4. I’m hyphenating my last name.

FB Gif

Image Source: Total Pro Sports

5. Did you breastfeed him? Because he can’t seem to stay out of my bra.

Drunkinlaws 5

Image Source: Favorite Memes

6. I hate your cooking.

Cooking GIF

Image Source: Buzzfeed  

7. The South will rise again!

Drunkinlaws 7

Image Source: Hitfix

8. You should get Botox.

Botox GIF

Image Source: Buzzfeed

9. Do you do everything together?

Drunkinlaws 9 

Image Source: FFFFound

10. By the way, she’s pregnant.

Drunkinlaws 10

Image Source: Meme Crunch


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