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Free Wedding Vows For the Film Nerd Couple

Are you the kind of couple that fell in love in a darkened theater and only speaks to each other in movie quotes? If you're too busy re-watching the 35 mm print of Citizen Kane to write your vows, we've got you covered.



I look across an empty theater screening A Trip to the Moon on repeat for 24 hours straight. Close up on you, the only other person in the room.


Image Source: Script Mag

My love for you is like a piece of celluloid left out in the hot sun: extremely dangerous and likely to catch fire.

Image Source: Giphy

You're more exciting than the theme from Goldfinger:

Video Source: YouTube

And more complicated than Mullholland Drive.

Image Source: Tumblr

So let's blow this crazy one-horse town, get hitched, and ride into the sunset.

Image Source: Tumblr

I'm sure our honeymoon will be as hot as the sex scene in Titanic:

Image Source: Gif Soup


I would apologize for saying that Wes Anderson movies are over-rated...


Image Source: PopSugar

But, you know what they say...


Image Source: Tumblr

We're more in sync than Fred and Ginger.

Image Source: Imgur

You combine the cool, rugged sex appeal of a young Marlon Brando...

Image Source: Imgur

...with the pensive, (God)fatherly wisdom of an old Marlon Brando.

Image Source: Giphy

Even when I say "I love you" and you say:

I can't wait to make this marriage last until we both fade to black.

Image Source: WFMU

After all, we need the eggs.


Image Source: iMovie Quotes


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