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put a zing on it

Mommy Dearest: The 9 Kinds of Mothers You Might See at a Wedding

90% of all wedding drama comes from the bride's mother. They just don't know when to let go! To help you figure out what type of wedding craziness might be coming your way, we've categorized the 9 moms that you typically see at a wedding:

1. The Attention Hog Mom

Gif Source: Giphy

This mother can't stand that the spotlight isn't on her anymore. She'll go to crazy extremes to make sure the bride doesn't dethrone her as the apple of everyone's eye. Nothing is off-limits, from showing up in a white dress to faking a heart attack during the couple's first dance. We'd tell you to keep an eye out for this one, but that's exactly what she wants.

2. The Late-In-Life-Lesbian Mom

 mom 2

Image Source: UK Daily Mail

This mom just divorced the bride's dad and is rediscovering herself. She thinks her child's wedding is the best day to bring around Linda, her new "special friend," for the first time. Everyone should just smile and go with it. Something tells us Linda is here to stay.

3. The Emotional Mom

mom 3

Image Source: Standard UK

This mom is a hot mess. She spends more time crying than she does actually watching the wedding. Seeing her baby girl walk down the aisle is just too much for her to handle. And we're not just talking a few tears here, folks. She's pulling off a full on, heaving, ugly cry. Somebody slip this lady a couple of Klonopin already!

4. The Critical Mom

mom 4

Image Source: IGNIMGS

This mom has no filter and won't hesitate to let the bride know that her wedding dress makes her ass look big. As she puts it, she's only "helping."

5. The Vindictive Mom

mom 5

Image Source: Quick Meme

This mom, also known as the "monster-in-law," looks poised and put-together. Beneath the surface of her Stepford Wives demeanor lies a raging beast ready to be unleashed. You'll always see her smiling politely at her future son-in-law, but, trust us, Mommie dearest is not impressed with him at all. Deep down, she's hell bent on making sure he's out of the picture. If she has anything to say about it, the happy couple won't make it past the honeymoon.

6. The Cool Mom

mom 6

Image Source: Make-a-Meme

This mom was never taught to act her age. She'll spend half the night downing shots with the bridesmaids, dancing on tables, and trying to get in on any Snapchat action going on at the reception. More likely than not, she's also probably looking to get some. Watch out, groomsmen: there's no stopping a cougar once she's on the prowl.

7. The Intoxicated Mom

mom 7

Image Source: Buzzfeed

This mom has taken full advantage of that open bar. Before the reception is over, she'll have sexually harassed a waiter, made a toast that restarted a family conflict about some Tupperware that was never returned, and thrown up all over the bride. At that point, it might be high time to consider asking the bartender to cut her off.

8. The Mom Who Obviously Got Work Done Before the Wedding

Gif Source: Giphy

This mom only went in to take care of those darn crow's feet, but ended up coming out looking like Heath Ledger's version of The Joker. She was hoping the swelling would go down before the big day, but, nope, she still looks like she ate some bad shellfish.

9. The "Smother"

mom 9

Image Source: Confessions of a Someday Somebody

This mom is having a hard time letting go of her child now that she's ready to start a new life with somebody else. You can bet your bottom dollar she'll try stowing away on the not-so-happy couple's honeymoon. #awkward

Sure, watching the mother of the bride in action can be pretty darn hilarious, but try not to judge too harshly! She went through the tough part (labor) so she could one day see her child walk down the aisle. So this day is, by default, indeed all about her!


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