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Free Wedding Vows for the Couple That’s Been Suffering Through a Long Distance Relationship

About to say "I Do" to someone who you're only used to talking to via Skype? Here are some wedding vows to help pledge your long-distance love:

From day one the odds were stacked against us:

Image Source: Metro UK

What do you expect when you meet someone in the airport bar?

LD 1

Image Source: News Australia

But our love grew from opposite sides of the globe!

LD 2

Image Source: The CineTourist

Amazingly, we survived when I ran out of data…

LD 3

Image Source: C-Guy Tech

…and even more miraculously, we got past that time when neither of us could afford WiFi!

 LD 4

Image Source: Career Cast

I promise to always remember what time zone you’re in…

 Time Zone GIF

Image Source: Rebloggy

…and I promise I’m working on getting over my fear of flying for you.

LD 5

Image Source: Tumblr

Thank you for agreeing on a marriage locale that’s perfectly in between where both of our families live.

LD 6 

Image Source: What's on Sanya

Thank goodness we’ll never have to deal with visas again…

LD 7 

Image Source: Diggers Realm

Because GREEN CARD!!

LD 8 

Image Source: Wikipedia

So GOOD-BYE to Skype sex...

 LD 9

Image Source: Tumblr

…and hello to the married life.

LD 10 

Image Source: New York Magazine


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