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If we had our way, comfortable footwear would be acceptable at any major ceremony regardless of fanciness.

Luckily, for a summer wedding, you can bend the footwear rules! We've found 11 pairs of casually cute shoes for a hot and humid trip down the aisle:

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"First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage." Not for everyone. No one needs a playground song to tell them what to do, or when!

Here are 7 brides that dressed for two on their special day:

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When it comes to wedding planning, some grooms can barely be bothered to circle the wedding date on their calendar. THESE grooms, however, seem to have had a pretty big hand in choosing their baller outfits.

Here are 9 grooms, who stepped things up on their big day:

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Not everyone imagines the future as a dystopic wasteland where kids murder their vampire boyfriends because of tattoos.

For many people, the future still holds hope for humanity, and excitement for technological advancement. What better place to incorporate that hope than into your wedding? Check out these badass futuristic wedding touches that will have you crossing your fingers for the day after tomorrow!

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So you've got the classic white dress, a traditional venue, and a string quartet. That doesn't mean you can't still jazz up the ensemble! All that glitters isn't just gold. Here are nine alternatives to classic accessories.

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