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Free Wedding Vows: for the Couple That’s Known Each Other Since Childhood

If you and your beloved have been best friends since childhood, you may have run out of things to say to each other. Good thing we're here to write your vows for you!

I love that you've been making me laugh ever since you farted during story time in 1st grade.


Image Source: Welcome to School

Even though you pulled my pigtails during math class for an entire year...


Image Source: Bryan Reeves

Remember when we got dared to kiss?

Thanks for sticking by me during my awkward teenage phase.

Although, you were pretty awkward, too!

I'll never forget that moment at prom:

And I'll never forget our SECOND kiss, even though it was during a drinking game.

I'm amazed we were able to keep dating, even though you went to college out of state:

Image Source: Pinimg

I vow to never bring up that one thing you did in 1997:

As long as you NEVER tell anyone my childhood nickname!

I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you! Thank God our parents have already been friends for 25 years!


Image Source: Sitcoms Online

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