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put a zing on it

11 Ways to Ensure Your Nuptials Don’t End Up Like a Game of Thrones Wedding

*Spoiler Alert!

The Season 5 Game of Thrones trailer was just released and it looks like we’re in for yet another Royal Wedding. It seems like none of the marriages on this dragon-filled TV show ever turn out to be like William and Kate’s.

Here are 11 steps you can take to ensure you don’t end up one of those couples from Westeros.

1. Don’t get married when you’re engaged to someone else.


2. If you do, don’t try to immediately make up with the people you betrayed—especially if they’re shady as hell.

3. Be nice to your relatives, even if they embarrass you.

4. If “The Rains of Castamere” is on the DJ’s playlist, GET. OUT.

5. Don’t invite the guy that knows his son flays people for fun and does nothing about it.

6. If your future sister/mother in law says things like this, time to re-evaluate:

7. Keep an eye on your plate.

8. Don’t marry the guy that chopped off his ex’s father’s head right after he said he wouldn’t. That shows he’s hella rude.

9. Listen to your grandma. She’s been in your shoes.

10. If your wedding party is wearing battle armor… something might be up.

11. Maybe just avoid Westerosi weddings in general:

Now go forth and plan your wedding with confidence. But for the love of the old gods and the new, avoid the colors red and purple!


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