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13 Beautiful Wedding Pies That Will Make You Forget All About Cake

When you think about pie, do your eyes light up like a hungry cartoon who’s just noticed that dessert cooling in a windowsill?


Image Source: Pie Pirates

If so, you might want to consider serving pie at your wedding. Who cares if it’s not the traditional wedding dessert? 
Here are 13 pies that are sure to please any anthropomorphic forest creatures that might be crashing your wedding:

1. Initally Yours

Pie 1

Image Source: Style Me Pretty

Who needs a latticework crust when you can have a pie decorated with your initials?

2. You’re the Top

.Pie 2

Image Source: Ruffled

Putting a pie on a pedestal and decorating it with a cute topper gives this pie the gravitas it needs to be a proper wedding dessert.

3. A Heart-y Pie

Pie 3 

Image Source: Green Wedding Shoes

This intricate crust on this pie makes it (almost) too beautiful to eat!

4.  A Myriad of Minis

 Pie 4

Image Source: BLovely Events

With individual mini pies, even the pickiest pie eater is happy.

5. Tiers of Pie

Pie 5

Image Source: Paper and Lace

Arrange different pies in tiers, and you can still have a photo-worthy cutting ceremony!

6. New Traditions

Pie 6

Image Source: Lady and Pups

This gorgeous pie is a marriage between a traditional Chinese wedding pie and an English meat pie.

7. Savory Seduction

Pie 7

Image Source: Rock 'n Roll Bride

For British and Australian couples, try creating a wedding cake out of traditional meat pies! For some people, potatoes and gravy are even better than frosting and sprinkles.

8. Pie Pops

Pie 8

Image Source: Weddings by Lilly

From Ring Pops to Cake Pops, desserts on sticks have never been more popular. Why shouldn’t pies have their chance to be “pop-ified?”

9. Pretty as Pie

Pie 9

Image Source: Glacier Park Weddings

There’s no lovelier sight than an unsupervised pie table at a wedding.

10. Place Setting Pie

Pie 10

Image Source: Style Me Pretty

Why waste time waiting for pie? You’ll be everyone’s favorite couple now that guests can dive in as soon as they find their seats.

11. Pizza My Heart

Pie 11

Image Source: Brit Co

Pizza is technically a pie.  And it’s a perfectly acceptable wedding feast!

12. In Your Favor

Pie 12

Image Source: Buzzfeed

Instead of another baggie of Jordan almonds, hand out these Mason jar pies as favors! Chances are, they’ll never make it out of the reception!

13. Pie Boss

Pie 13

Image Source: Beuweddings

This wedding pie proves that you can have a show-stopping centerpiece without the cake.

Pie is extremely versatile. It can be sweet, savory, or a mathematical constant! Now that you’ve seen these perfect pies, which one are you going to have at your wedding?


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