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put a zing on it

9 of the Best Green Screen Locales for Your Ikea Virtual Wedding

Good news for couples who'd rather not interact with any family members on their special day: Ikea is offering a new service called "Wedding Online" that allows couples to get married virtually, and invite their friends and family to watch the ceremony via a live stream.


The only people who actually have to be in the room are the happy couple, the officiator, and two witnesses, who are required to be physically present in order for the ceremony to be considered legally binding.


Now your great aunt who doesn't want to leave her cats for the weekend will still be able to go to your wedding... as long as she can figure out how to log on to the Ikea website. Your college friends will be grateful that they don't have to shell out for a plane ticket, and you'll be glad you won't have to hear your parents' friends remind you about that time you adorably puked at the Christmas party.


As a part of the service, Ikea is enabling couples to get married in front of a green screen, so that expensive destination wedding can finally be a reality, sort of.


With this type of technology at your disposal, your venue options are endless!
Here are 9 green screen locales that are begging for the Ikea green screen wedding treatment:

1. The side of the highway -- Route 101 is lovely at this time of year.


2. On the beach in the middle of a lightning storm:


3. For the wedding of your dreams, get married on a fluffy white cloud:


4. Headless on a tropical beach – it's the "Ichabod Crane in Paradise" package:


5. In front of the Iron Throne:


6. With Nicolas Cage watching your every move:


7. Fulfill your weatherman fantasies in front of a weather map:


8. Rolling through the city in a shopping cart:


9. In front of a medieval castle – corny props optional:


With endless backdrop options, Ikea's Wedding Online service is totally worth it! What's better than finding a way to avoid annoying family members AND have a destination wedding that won't break the bank? Ikea knows what wedding dreams are made of.

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