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For Good Fortune, Get Married in a Town Full of Psychic Mediums

Hidden in the woods of southwestern New York, the Lily Dale Assembly is a gated community for psychic mediums. For a small fee, visitors are granted access to wander around the otherworldly lakeside town where they can have energy healings and commune with the dead.


Image Source: Ayres Photo

It's like a shabby chic version of Stars Hollow, with its cute Victorian houses and single coffee shop... except that the coffee shop is covered in fairy paraphernalia and the sign in front of the Post Office says "Ghost Crossing."


Image Source: Amazon Images

In the summer months, the 275-person town swells with tourists interested in connecting with their departed loved ones. The residents, almost all of them intuitive, place sign-up sheets in front of their houses. You can research the mediums ahead of time on the Lily Dale website, or you can just wander past the brightly painted houses and see which one "speaks" to you.


Image Source: Independent 

Couples can explore the Fairy Trail, a path in the woods that residents have covered in little fairy shrines:


Image Source: Flickr

Or attend a spoon-bending lesson in the town's auditorium:


Image Source: Slate

Secrets from the other side await you in the town's library:


Image Source: Instagram

Most couples choose to get married outside, in front of Inspiration Stump:


Image Source: Ayres Photo

Mediums have been gathering at the stump and giving demonstrations of their amazing abilities since 1898.


Image Source: Weburbanist

When a medium presides over your wedding, you'll be surrounded by the departed loved ones that couldn't be there in person on the big day.


Image Source: Haunted America Tours

All the messages that the mediums in Lily Dale receive are words of love and forgiveness. After the wedding is over, you'll leave the town with a sense of possibility and the certainty that life goes on. Isn't that better wedding present than a blender?


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