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put a zing on it

9 Comedy Groups You’ll Wish Were Your Groomsmen or Bridesmaids

The cast of Super Troopers has reunited for a very special event...and we're not just talking about the sequel that's being funded on Indiegogo.

For $25,000, the cast will appear as groomsmen or bridesmaids at your wedding. It's a dream come true for all diehard comedy fans—as long as there are no "shenanigans" at the party.


Image Source: Indiegogo

This got us thinking about all our other favorite comedy groups, and the 9 that we'd love to follow down the aisle:

1. The New Cast of Ghostbusters:


Image Source: Twitter

Four of the funniest ladies in the biz? Check. Remaining Ghost-free for your wedding? Double check.

2. The Old Cast of Ghostbusters:


Image Source: Hollywood Reporter

Egon (Harold Ramis) would be here in spirit, even if the boys might be tempted to lock him up with Slimer.

3. Monty Python:


Image Source: Pixshark

They'll make sure to release the swallows at the right time. Did they get African or European though?

4. Spinal Tap:


Image Source: Open Culture

Forget "At Last," your first dance is going to be "Big Bottom."

5. The Zetas from The House Bunny:


Image Source: Amazon

They'll give you the ultimate sexy bridal makeover.

6. The Barden Bellas from Pitch Perfect:

It's like Andy Bernard once said: Every song sounds better a capella.

And speaking of Andy Bernard...

7. The crew from The Office:


Image Source: NBC

Once you invite one, you have to invite them all.

8. The First Wives Club


Image Source: Movpins

Just hope you don't become a part of the club some day.

Image Source: Movies Torrents

9. And, of course, the cast of Bridesmaids:

Any one of these comedy troupes would have us laughing down the aisle. Now what size bridesmaid's dress does Bill Murray wear?


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