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wedded list

Now that Wedding Insurance is a Thing, Here are 9 Scenarios it Should Cover

There's no such thing as a perfect wedding. From rainstorms to sushi buffet food poisoning, there are outside forces working together that could ruin what's supposed to be the best day of your life.


Image Source: CDNDS

That's why some couples are buying wedding insurance. (There's another thing we have to buy now?)


Image Source: She Knows

Wedding insurance policies cover a wide array of disastrous situations, including lost deposits, severe weather, ruined photos, lost rings, sudden illness, a spouse being called to military service before the ceremony, and so much more.

As helpful as wedding insurance is, there are certain catastrophes it just doesn't cover. Here's a list of 9 disasters that we wish that wedding insurance would cover:

1. Your ceremony is disrupted by a massive tidal wave:


Image Source: The Poke UK

2. An explosion rocks your happy day:


Image Source: CDNDS

3. UFOs descend on the wedding venue:


Image Source: The DJ Service

4. Your wedding takes place in Jurassic Park:


Image Source: Dream Wedding

5. The Sunnydale Hellmouth Opens on Your Wedding Day:


Image Source: UK Daily Mail

6. Rogue Storm Troopers try to take the happy couple hostage:


Image Source: Rebel Belle Weddings

7. An ogre bursts into the church to object to your happy union:


Image Source: YTImg

8. The zombie apocalypse coincides with your wedding day:


Image Source: Cloudfront

9. An angry horde of warriors descends upon your reception and massacres everyone in sight:


Image Source: UK Daily Mail

While these are pretty crazy wedding-day scenarios, it's nice to know your big day is in good hands with a hefty wedding insurance policy.


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