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13 Hairstyles for Badass Brides

Some brides seem to think that their hair is just a place to stick a wedding veil. LISTEN UP, LADIES! Your hair is another way to express yourself in a way that's uniquely you.

Here are 13 brides with incredible hairstyles to inspire you to reach new hair heights:

1. Swirl, Girl


Image Source: Want That Wedding

This bride's mesmerizing swirl is akin to an ocean wave... or Van Gogh's Starry Night.

2. Gatsby Glam


Image Source: Brit

Use 1920s finger waves to flap your way down the aisle.

3. Bridal Bouffant


Image Source: Brit

This look, reminiscent of a 1940s torch singer, is about to break our heart with its beauty.

4. Something Brilliantly Blue


Image Source: Hairstyles-Haircuts

When your hair color is this breathtaking, you don't need much of a hairstyle. Just a few Victory Rolls will do!

5. Mohawk Mad


Image Source: Rock 'n Roll Bride

This mohawked bride is unforgettable, especially since she's already been featured on our list of rocking red wedding dresses!

6. Lady of the Lake


Image Source: Rock 'n Roll Bride

This bride added simple gold jewelry to her lovely locks and turned into a mythical creature.

7. Heart and Soul


Image Source: Pinterest

While this heart-shaped bun would look killer on even the plainest of hair, you have to admit it really stands out with those multi-colored strands.

8. I Thee Dread


Image Source: Dreadlock Heaven

If you have a signature look, there's no reason you can't keep rocking it on your wedding day!

9. Faux-Hawk Fierceness


Image Source: For Redheads Blog

There's no need for a veil when you've been blessed with gorgeous tresses.

10. Steam Punk Princess


Image Source: Ruffled Blog

Be a Burton-esque leading lady in a hairdo that looks like it came right off of Helena Bonham Carter's head!

11. Fairy Tale Braids


Image Source: Wedding Chicks

Channel your inner Fairy Tale Princess with a braid that could rival Rapunzel's long locks.

12. Bald Can Be Beautiful!


Image Source: UK Daily Mail

To this bride who realized she could get married even without her hair, BRAVA!

13. Beehive in Blue


Image Source: Flickr

It's time to bring this hairstyle back from the '60s... in a way that will make your grandmother clutch her pearls!

Now that you've seen all this great hair, are you sure you still just want to wear a French Twist on the big day?


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