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We Cordially Invite You to Check Out These 9 Awesome Wedding Invitations

If your wedding is all about showing off your creativity and individuality as a couple, why announce the happy day with some run of the mill stationary? No amount of fancy calligraphy will be able to hide the fact that your wedding invitation is just plain boring.

Here are 9 eye-catching invitations to inspire you as you start to collect addresses:

1. Scratch and Attend:


Image Source: Etsy

Your guests will really feel like they're really winning something when they save the date. Etsy seller Lola Lee makes these (and other) adorable invitations in her shop.

2. Pop-up Post:


Image Source: Creative Market

How could you ignore an extravagant invitation that reminds you of your favorite childhood books?

3. Time to Monopolize:


Image Source: Instagram

By honoring a classic board game, your guests will know that they'll never be BOARD by your wedding!

4. A View-Master Forward:


Image Source: Etsy

An ode to childhood, this invite lets your guests know that your wedding will be filled with nostalgia and whimsy.... and maybe some Ninja Turtles or Disney slides.

5. They've Got the Golden Ticket!:


Image Source: Oh So Beautiful Paper

Oompa Loompa Doopidi I DO!

6. Timeline for an Invite:


Image Source: Oh So Beautiful Paper

This invitation helps you avoid that awkward question from distant relatives, "So how did you kids meet?"

7. An Ode to Childhood:


Source: Oh So Beautiful Paper

"Do you like me? Circle yes or no."

8. Developing your Love:


Image Source: Trevor-Larissa

It's a roll of film you're actually encouraged to expose!

9. Ticket to Paradise:


Image Source: EmDotZee

Your wedding will be a destination and an event, so of course it should have tickets.

After looking at these ingenious invites, it seems like swirling letters and embossed initials are a thing of the past!


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