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‘Til Death Star Do Us Part: A Star Wars Wedding

Looking to be a little more at one with the force on your wedding day? Or maybe you want to honor the fact that you met your fiancé at Jedi training camp! Whatever the reason, why not add some intergalactic elements into your earth-bound wedding?

Here are 11 ways couples added a touch of Star Wars flair to their big day:

1. I Love You/I Know

starwars 1

Image Source: Aggressive Comix

If your love story is on par with Han and Leia, these are the only rings for you, you space-dwelling rebels.

2. The Cake of the Millennium

starwars 2

Image Source: Global Geek News

A cake that can also travel the galaxy is almost too cool to eat!

3. Troopers of Honor

starwars 3

Image Source: Rock 'n Roll Bride

You won't have to worry about security with this wedding party.

4. An Ode to a Princess

starwars 4

Source: Once Wed

Who needs a veil when you've got a pair of Leia inspired side buns?

5. A Tie Worthy of a Jedi

starwars 5

Source: Etsy

These bow ties let your guests know that the force is strong in this matrimony.

6. Sit You Will

starwars 6

Source: Rebel Belle Weddings

Yoda encourages guests to find peace, not sides.

7. R2D2 Heels

starwars 7

Source: Geeks are Sexy

Beep bloop blop your way down the aisle in these heels.

8. These are Not the Droids You're Looking For...

starwars 8

Source: Wedding Jeannie

...but they are the boutonnieres you need!

9. Come to the Dark Side...

starwars 9

Image Source: Blogspot

...they have really gorgeous cupcakes there.

10. Jedi Salute

starwars 10

Image Source: Rebel Belle Weddings

Walking down an aisle covered in petals seems so tame now.

11. Centerpiece of Death [Star]

starwars 12

Image Source: Pat Dy Photography

Most people might think it's an Avant-garde sculpture, but real fans will know they're sitting with the Death Star, so they'd better behave.

Once your Star Wars wedding is over, you'll be more than prepared to fight the Dark Side with your partner at your side.

starwars 13

Image Source: Buzzfeed


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