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wedded list

10 Things Single Women at Weddings Won’t Admit They’re Thinking

Being a single lady at a wedding isn't all its cracked up to be. Moments where you meet your soul mate when you both reach for the same piece of chicken in the buffet line only happen in the movies. Most likely, you'll be sitting in the corner with a glass of champagne and an extra large piece of cake.

If you are one of these singles, here are 10 thoughts you'll have while trying to enjoy your friend's special day.

1. Ugh, it's only been 20 minutes and my feet already hurt.

singlethoughts 1

Image Source: Mart of China

2. Hopefully there'll be a place where I can ditch these Spanx when I hook up with one of the groomsmen.

singlethoughts 2

Image Source: Get the Gloss

3. It might just be my desperation, but the groomsmen are all really hot.

singlethoughts 3

Image Source: The Bridal Detective

4. Update, all the groomsmen are married.

singlethoughts 4

Image Source: The Feminist Guide

5. Hey, that bridesmaid's kind of cute...

singlethoughts 5

Image Source: Praise Wedding

6. Why is the singles table always next to the kiddie table?

singlethoughts 6

Image Source: Bridal Musings


singlethoughts 7

Image Source: Huffington Post

8. Carrot Cake? Ugh, really? If I wanted a vegetable I would've eaten my entree.

 singlethoughts 8

Image Source: Roxanne Birney

9. Really? You thought peplum was an appropriate choice?

Image Source: Giphy

10. Bouquet time...I'm so ready!

singlethoughts 10

Image Source: The DJ Service


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