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wedded list

11 Things Even Better Than Rice to Throw at the Bride and Groom

Remember when people used to throw rice at newlyweds? The tradition, which originated in Ancient Rome, stemmed from the desire to "shower" the couple with fertility, abundance, and good luck. A few decades ago, it was discovered that uncooked rice was bad for birds... so the tradition evolved and we found other things to throw at the bride and groom. Apparently, people really love throwing things.

Here are 11 bird-friendly things you can still pelt your favorite newlyweds with:

1. Potpourri – so the bride and groom can smell like your grandmother's bathroom.


2. Autumn Leaves –it's better than doing real yard work.


3. Rainbow Sprinkles—for the couple that walks down the aisle with plain ice cream cones and undecorated cupcakes in their hands.


4. Pom Poms –for your inner art teacher.


5. Paper Airplanes—for the couple that can't quite afford the honeymoon yet.


6. Beach Balls—because you're hot and sunburned and you just want to chuck something at the couple that made you sit through a beach wedding.


7. Ribbon Wands! Why were these things so fun when we were 6?


8. Silly String—so you can pretend to be the Incredible Spider Man.


9. Bubbles—because no matter how old you are, blowing bubbles is always an enchanting thing to do.


10. Champagne Confetti Cannon –-poor Uncle Stan. All he wanted was a drink, now he's got a face full of confetti.


11. Rotten Tomatoes—since we're throwing things, anyway.


Now that we're entering into wedding season, you better have your throwing arm warmed up!

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