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Create Your Own Marbled Stationery With This Super Easy DIY

If you're still looking for crazy cool wedding invitations to send out to your friends and family, and don't want to spend a fortune on fancy letter pressed stationery, consider doing it yourself!

We've found a super easy way to DIY your own beautifully marbled stationery... with SHAVING CREAM! (Yes, we're serious.)

What You'll Need:

● Foam Shaving Cream
● Food Coloring
● Heavy Weight Paper (Both flat cards and envelopes.)
● Painter's Tape
● Paper Towels
● Ruler
● Spatula
● Cookie Sheet, Plate, or Tray
● Plastic Knife

Ready? Go:

Step 1: Start by masking off both the backside of your invitation and the front of your envelope. Make sure to choose a heavy weight paper that has some texture to it—that way the dye has something to adhere to.


Step 2: Spray a thick layer of the shaving cream onto your cookie sheet, plate, or tray. If you want, use a scented shaving cream to give your invitation a subtle romantic aroma. (It'll be just like in the olden days when ladies sprayed perfume onto their love letters!)


Step 3: Once you have a thick layer of shaving cream, squeeze a few drops of food coloring onto it:


Step 4: Use a spatula or plastic knife to mix the food coloring into the shaving cream:


WARNING: Don't over mix, or your marbling will look muddy!

Step 5: Once you've mixed your base color, add a few drops of DIFFERENT colored food coloring. Use your plastic knife to streak this color through the base:


AGAIN: Don't overmix!

Step 6: Place your invitation or envelope onto the swirled shaving cream TAPE SIDE UP:


Make sure the paper is making complete contact with the shaving cream.

Step 7: Peel the invitation off of the shaving cream and place it to the side, shaving cream side up.

Step 8: Take a ruler and slide it across the invitation, removing the shaving cream:
You'll notice that once the shaving cream is gone, the paper is marvelously marbled!


Step 9: Pat the invitation with a paper towel to remove any excess shaving cream and place it to the side to dry.

NOTE: If the paper starts to curl, you can flatten it under a heavy book... once it's dry.

And THAT'S IT! You now have some totally amazing marbled invitations:


Note: This craft is totally addicting. Soon you'll be marbling every spare piece of paper you've got!


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