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Tin Can Romance: 13 Getaway Cars to Inspire Your Grand Exit

During the wedding reception, it's tradition for the groomsmen to sneak out and decorate the bride and groom's car, or "getaway vehicle" with tin cans and shaving cream. That way, when the happy couple drives back to their hotel... or onto their honeymoon, other drivers can honk at and generally irritate the newlyweds.

Today, getaway vehicles are a little more stylish. Now couples can announce their nuptials to oncoming traffic in cute, charming, and photogenic ways.

Here are 13 getaway vehicles that go beyond the old tin can tradition:

1. Garland in the Garage


Draping your car in flowers will get you attention, without causing a noisy traffic hazard.

2. Truly Trucked


A simple banner is the only decoration you need to tailgate off into the sunset.

3. Royal Getaway


The royal couple kept things surprisingly casual by having balloons tied to their vintage getaway car.

4. Looking Smart


If you've always dreamed of driving around in anthropomorphic smart car, your wedding day is the day to make those dreams come true.

5. Wedding Wagon


Who needs a limo when you can fit your entire wedding party in this vintage white VW bus?

6. Something Blue


When the tin cans match your truck, it's totally OK to make a lot of noise!

7. Your Love is Ski Lifting Me Higher


Who says you need a car to make a grand exit?

8. Motorcycle Marriage


If you can't find a place to fit your "Just Married" sign, WEAR IT!

9. Double Decker Duo


Wave cheerio as your board this classic British red bus and head off to wedded bliss.

10. Scoot! Scoot!


This scooter is totally adorable, but is there even enough room for the bride on the back of that thing?

11. Sail Away


This couple is going to spend their honeymoon sleeping with the fishes.

12. Large and in Charge


Even tractors can be appropriate getaway vehicles... as long as they have the proper signage.

13. Happily Ever After


Don't worry, this fairy tale carriage won't turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

Whether you're taking your car, a boat, or horse and buggy, there are tons of ways to make your inaugural trip romantically memorable.

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