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11 Ingenious Ways to Incorporate Bacon Into Your Wedding

Are you the kind of couple that spends date night fantasizing about digging into a sizzling stack of bacon rather than each other? Maybe you'd better think about adding some bacon to your special day.

Here are 11 ways to enjoy those crispy, crunchy strips of grease during your wedding:

1. Don't Go Bacon My Heart


When stocking your bacon bar, make sure it's filled with both pork AND puns.

2. Piggy Pops


Hello, palate, we'd like to introduce you to these pistachio and bacon encrusted goat cheese balls.

3. Bite Sized BLT


Even the healthiest guest will be tempted to try these bacon-filled delights.

4. Piggies of the Sea


Is your mouth watering after seeing these bacon-wrapped scallops? If not, you should probably see a doctor or something.

5. Do the Mash


Mashed Potato bars are becoming super trendy wedding staples. And you know what goes perfectly on top of mashed potatoes? BACON!

6. Bacon Barfly


Aren't you glad you live in a world where bacon-infused vodka is a reality?

7. Keep it Within Reach


Place jars of bacon on every surface in the reception hall. We don't want any bacon emergencies here, people!

8. Truffle Shuffle


Looks like this truffle pig is pretty good at his job. (And yes, that's bacon-covered chocolate.)

9. Bacon a Cake


Let's hope the frosting isn't bacon grease!

10. What Delicious Little Ring Bearers!


If your love for bacon runs deep and greasy, you could dress your bridal party up like a cut of meat!

11. Bouquet of Bacon


Sometimes the scent of bacon frying can smell better than the prettiest of roses.

Let's face it, if you're about to enter in a polygamous marriage between you, your partner, and BACON, then you'd better start porking on day one.

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