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With the fairy tale weddings seen in Disney movies, its no surprise that brides are clamoring for the chance to have the same experiences on their special day.

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During the wedding reception, it's tradition for the groomsmen to sneak out and decorate the bride and groom's car, or "getaway vehicle" with tin cans and shaving cream. That way, when the happy couple drives back to their hotel... or onto their honeymoon, other drivers can honk at and generally irritate the newlyweds.

Today, getaway vehicles are a little more stylish. Now couples can announce their nuptials to oncoming traffic in cute, charming, and photogenic ways.

Here are 13 getaway vehicles that go beyond the old tin can tradition:

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While you may think a groom's boutonniere is just another opportunity to match something to your bouquet, some stylish guys may actually want to use this fashionable detail as a way to express themselves—or their love for you!

Here are 11 innovative wedding boutonnieres that are so much more than leftover flowers:

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The Harry Potter series isn't just about a boy with a lighting-bolt scar trying to defeat a snaky evil wizard. Buried beneath all that magic and teenage wizard angst is a whole lot of budding romance and true love:

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If your wedding is all about showing off your creativity and individuality as a couple, why announce the happy day with some run of the mill stationary? No amount of fancy calligraphy will be able to hide the fact that your wedding invitation is just plain boring.

Here are 9 eye-catching invitations to inspire you as you start to collect addresses:

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