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wedded list

When the Wedding Singer Cancels, Don’t Hire These Acts

Even if the wedding band cancels at the last minute, use Spotify rather than THESE "bands."

1. Oy Vader, The Star Wars Themed-Klezmer Band 

Wedding singer

Image Source: mydisguises.com 

2. Your Grandpa on the Spoons

3. Antoine the Annulment Mime

Wedding singer 2

Source: Wikipedia

4. Your brother, if he insists on rapping his best man speech

 Wedding singer 3

Image Source: Skyblue-pink.com 

5. Your college acapella group

Wedding singer 4

Image Source: Wikipedia

6. That caterer who looks like Ricky Martin but definitely isn’t Ricky Martin, I think

Wedding singer 5

Image Source: Flickr 

7. By the way, I’m reading my spoken-word piece and I don’t care if nobody listens

Wedding singer 6 

Image Source: radiokingonline.com 

8. The Choir of Disgruntled Exes

Image Source: Giphy.com



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