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13 Delicious Reasons to Serve Breakfast at Your Wedding

When you were a kid, was there anything more glorious than finding out that you'd be having breakfast for dinner? With the doughnuts, waffles and pancakes, it was like having permission to make a meal out of dessert!

Just because you're all grown up now, it doesn't make the experience of breakfast for dinner any less enjoyable. Maybe that's why breakfast weddings are one of this year's big catering trends.

Here are 13 delicious ways to serve breakfast on your special day:

1. Shine Bright Like a Diamond


If diamonds are a girl's best friend, than these doughnuts are a girl's best food!

2. Bite-Sized Breakfast


These mini-pancakes are so tiny and adorable, they couldn't possibly have any calories in them, right?

3. Bridal Bacon


"Something borrowed, something blue, and a jar of bacon, too!"

4. Cereal Monogamist


Finally, a cereal bar that's better than the ones we used to get in our lunch box.

5. Coffee Klatch


We love the idea of customizing coffee sleeves with your names, or the date of your wedding. (And when will Starbuck's get with it and start popping doughnut holes on their stirrers?!)

6. Pop-Tart the Question


We propose to eat 50 of these colorful little guys in one sitting.

7. Yogurt Bar


Now you can scoop all the toppings into your cup without getting a side-eye from the check out girl.

8. It's Always Happy Hour Somewhere


And it's a good thing we have these napkins to remind us of that fact.

9. Omelet You Go First


After all those sugary carbs, an omelet station never looked so good.

10. Mimosa Madness


Don't you love that mimosas make it socially acceptable to get drunk before noon?

11. Eggcellent!


Even hors d'oeuvres can be breakfast-fied. Just check out these bite-sized Eggs Benedict!

12. Doughnut Drinks


So THAT's what the hole is for!

13. Wedding Waffles


With all those layers of buttermilk bliss—this looks just as good as a traditional wedding cake!

After looking at these bridal breakfasts, you'll be wondering why EVERYONE doesn't get married before noon.

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