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Lego Love: 13 Ways to Incorporate Everyone's Favorite Building Block into Your Special Day

Some people will always love to play with Legos, no matter how old they get. And with the success of the Lego Movie, it's never been more popular to advertise your adoration for those plastic building blocks.

Here are 13 ways to build something romantic on your special day:

1. Start with an Epic Proposal


Pop the question in the middle of one of the Legoland theme parks. You'll feel like giants as you kiss in a Lego-ized version of the Las Vegas strip!

2. Plastic Pumps


Put your most colorful foot forward as you walk down the aisle in these building block heels.

3. With This Brick...


I thee build an adorable Lego relationship!

4. Off the Cufflinks


Keep your cuffs closed with these dashing Lego groom heads.

5. Heart Shaped Lego Box


Protect your ring by building it it's own Lego-ized fortress.

6. A Bouquet You Won't Want to Throw


These Lego roses are hypoallergenic works of art.

7. Plastic Place Settings


For once, you're actually encouraged to bring your Legos to the dinner table.

8. Brick by Brick by Bowtie


Everyone loves a guy in a Lego bowtie! (Just ask Carmen Electra.)

9. Pop it in the Gift Box


This post office box is the perfect way to collect all of those money-filled envelopes you're bound to be getting.

10. Lego Construction Zone! Watch Out!


These tiny Lego men are giving the Cake Boss a run for his money!

11. Lego Lady


If you're a truly devoted Lego fanatic, try constructing your gown out of those little plastic blocks!

12. Favorite Favors


Your guests will treasure these personalized favors forever!

13. L-E-G-O L-O-V-E


Decorate the reception hall with your best Lego masterpieces for the ultimate Instagram backdrop.

Whether you're into building skyscrapers, or you just like to play pretend with those little Lego men, there are plenty of colorful reasons to have a Lego wedding.

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