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wedded list

If This is Where You’re Honeymooning, Then You Should Just Stay Home

Your honeymoon is supposed to be the BEST time of your life. Avoid these honeymoon fails when booking your trip!!!!

1. The Amazon during poison toad season

Honeymoon 1

Image Source: cupcakepunk.com

2. Wherever the zeppelin takes us

Honeymoon 2

Image Source: Wikipedia 

3. Rocco’s Joint

Honeymoon 3

Image Source: Flickr 

4. The Haunted Strip Mall

Honeymoon 4

Image Source: Flickr 

5. The Apartheid Museum

Honeymoon 5

Image Source: Flickr 

6. Temptation Island

Honeymoon 6

Image Source: Flickr 

7. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Honeymoon 7 

Image Source: Wikipedia 

8. Ibiza’s Fanciest Bus Stop

Honeymoon 8

Image Source: Wikipedia 

9. Niagara Falls, DE (A shameless marketing ploy)

Honeymoon 9

Image Source: jayvee.co 

10. Disneyland Chechnya 

Honeymoon 10


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