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Shiny Alternatives to Trendy (and Messy!) Glitter

There’s a lot to be said about glitter. It’s sparkly! It’s shiny! It’s so fun!

glitter 1 

Image Source: Confetti Daydreams

It also sticks… to everything.

glitter 2 

Image Source: Polkadot Bride

Every parent and grade school art teacher knows that even if you scrub, sweep, and vacuum for the rest of your life—you’ll never pick up all that glitter.

So then why are couples using glitter in their wedding day decor?

 glitter 3

Image Source: Studiowed

Loose glitter is certainly eye catching. So eye catching that it might actually end up in your eye… if it sticks on your hand and you happen to touch your face. Little known fact: David Bowie wore that eye-patch for a year because of a glitter injury.

Even rock stars shouldn’t mess around with sparkles:

 glitter 4

Image Source: Telegraph

If there’s no glitter in your eye, it’s probably in your food. Some fancy chefs have been known to give their dishes a dusting of edible glitter. But if it’s traditional glitter, your guests will be coughing and choking. And don’t even get us started on their next trip to the bathroom:  

glitter 5 

Image Source: We Heart It

A sprinkling of glitter down the aisle might seem like a subtle, unobtrusive way to get some shine. Once it gets all over the bottom of everyone’s shoes and tracked back into their homes, however, every guest will be cursing your sparkly name.

 glitter 6

Source: Angel in the North

There’s certainly nothing wrong with adding a little sparkle on your big day. We’ve found some glittery alternatives that won’t make the reception hall’s custodian hate you.

1. Crystals!

glitter 7

Source: My Glass Slipper

Swarovski knows how to make a girl shine! These gems are self-contained, so they won’t leave a trail with every step.

2. Sequins

glitter 8

Source: Etsy

If you want to know how to sparkle, consult a drag queen. They’ll tell you what decades of performers already know, sequins are bigger, brighter and less clingy than glitter. PLUS, they’ll teach you how to make sure you’re the star of the day. 

3. Kiss and Make Up

glitter 9 

Source: Tulsa Bridal Beauty

Show off your sparkle without infringing upon other people’s space with make up that’s actually meant to go near your face.

There are tons of ways to add sparkle and shine without pissing off literally everyone who comes into contact with you. Besides, who needs any glitter, when you’ve got that ring bling?


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