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These 11 Art Deco Wedding Cakes are Something to Roar About!

Art Deco weddings have never been more popular! (Well, except for in the 1920s, when the style originated.) Partly inspired by the latest The Great Gatsby remake, and partly because of their timeless symmetrical style, Art Deco weddings aren't going anywhere.

To have the perfect Art Deco wedding, you need a show stopping wedding cake that highlights the lines and curves associated with Art Deco architecture.

Here are 11 wedding cakes that would make Jay Gatsby drool:

1. You're the Top!


Image Source: Patricia Minish Designs

No wedding cake is complete with out an era-appropriate cake topper! Etsy seller Patricia Minish handcrafts these darling creations from vintage paper.

2. The Green Light


Image Source: Super Fine Bakery

Art Deco is all about interesting geometric shapes. On buildings, they're made out of steel and aluminum. On cakes, those polygons are all fondant.

3. It's Only a Sugar Moon


Image Source: Bride-o-rama

Black and gold were THE colors of the Art Deco movement.

4. Chrysler Cake


Image Source: Indulgy

This cake pays tribute to the Chrysler Building, arguably the most famous example of Art Deco architecture.

5. Glitz and Glamor


Image Source: Vintage Tea Roses

After eating a cake with this kind of pizazz, your guests will be dancing the Charleston till dawn!

6. Flapper's Favorite Flavor


Image Source: Lael Cakes

The Art Deco look is just as sleek and modern as it was nearly 100 years ago!

7. Curvy Confection


Image Source: Coco Paloma Desserts

The opposite of all those rigid Deco angles? Lovely purple and gold curves.

8. Fashion Plate


Image Source: Cakes Decor

This blue and white fantasy features an unusual twist on the typical Deco décor.

9. Gilded Gourmet


Image Source: Joyeuse Photography

The intricate cake features a paper moon, the favorite photo prop of the 1920s!


Image Source: Visual News

10. 23 Skidoo!


Image Source: Cake Central

This cake is all dolled up like a flapper. Does this qualify it as an official dress cake?

11. Decadent Dessert


Image Source: She Walks Softly

This opulent cake is as stunning as the biggest spectacle in a Ziegfeld Follies show!

Sometimes, the best way to find a classy, one of a kind wedding cake is to look into the past!


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