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Alternative Footwear For The Marrying Man

So guys, your wedding day's coming up, but you don't exactly want to wear your dad's old penny loafers? Here's a list of some alternative footwear you can rock on your big day:

1. Desert Boots


These shoes are a little more casual than your traditional dress shoes, but they're definitely a great way to show some style. Tumbleweeds not included.

2. White Sneaks


If you're looking to change it up, you and your groomsmen will look fresh and clean in some plain white sneakers. Plus, those argyle socks have "sophisticated swagger" written all over them.

3. Oh Buoy


Let's face it, boat shoes have become a calling card of frat bros everywhere. Still, they're a good alternative that says you're ready to weather the storm that is married life... even if you're not.

4. Chuck Taylors


Throw it back to a simpler time with the classic Chuck Taylor Converse.

5. Forget about suede...


For those that want to catch a few eyeballs, check out these blue crystal loafers from Wicked Addiction.

6. Fly high, no lie, you knoow it... BALLIN


Air Jordans are always in style, and perfect for the couple that's going straight from the cathedral to the court. His Airness would be proud.

7. Cowboy Boots


Who needs wedding bells when you have spurs? If you're into wild horses, country music, and rodeos, then saddle into a pair of cowboy boots. A sure way to lasso your lover's heart.

8. Barefoot


If you're more of the down-to-earth type, you can always get hitched in the shoes the good lord gave you. Just watch out for splinters when walking down the aisle!

Now you're ready to leave those black dress shoes at home and kick up your heels with these fresh wedding shoe alternatives.

Photo Attributions:

Courtney Bowlden


Samantha's Bridal UK


It's A Bride's Life




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