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wedded list

There’s an App for That: 9 Apps that Could Make a Bridesmaid’s Job Much Easier

No one realizes just how hard it is to be a bridesmaid until they’re 3 meltdowns in with an angry in-law on their back and a crying Bridezilla at their feet.

Here are 9 apps we wish existed that would make the whole “bridesmaid thing” a lot easier to bear.

1. Reality Checkr 

Apps 1

Source: Pinterest

Is that gold plated wedding topper you’re all chipping in on really worth selling your eggs for?

2. iTrack Emotions 

Image Source: Giphy

This app will keep a record of every sniffle, gasp, and cheer.

3. Mom-Be-Gone

Apps 3

Source: Coaching Journey

The only app proven to distract the mother of the bride.

4. Faux Pause

Image Source: Red's Army

Stop rehearsal dinner mistakes before they happen!

5. Stripr

Apps 5

Image Source: Ebay

Locate a bachelorette party stripper nice enough to introduce to the bride’s mom.

6. Mutezilla 

Apps 6

Source: Weddingwod

Press a button on the Mutezilla app and a dedicated S.W.A.T. team will swoop in and shut that Bridezilla style freak-out down!

7. Drink Tracker 

Apps 7

Source: Kofusion

You know how handsy the groom’s cousin gets after two Appletini’s. Make sure he stays at his limit.

8. Her-story

Apps 8

 Image Source: Favim

Tired of telling wedding guest about how you know the bride? This app sends a personalized back-story right to their phones, so you can spend your time chatting up that cutie at table 6!


Apps 9

Image Source: The Knot

When you’re hiding in the closet drinking champagne, this app will text your bride believable excuses for why you can’t come hold her dress while she pees.


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