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put a zing on it

Don’t Trust Your Fcked Up Sibling to Take Your Wedding Photos

Thanks to his experimental music-loving brother, this is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush's only wedding photo:


Image Source: Jezebel

According to Bush's Facebook page, his brother Marvin was his official photographer. Unfortunately, the pictures of nuptial bliss were lost when Marvin reused the film to take pictures at a Frank Zappa concert.


Image Source: Beings Akin

While we're really impressed that a Bush boy could be a fan of our favorite psychedelic freak show, he did really mess up. If it weren't for Barbara Bush (who knows her kids too well) taking a quick Kodak snap, Jeb Bush's wedding would be nothing but a memory.


Maybe now that he's an amateur painter, George W. could provide the couple with an anniversary portrait.

Image Source: Gawker

Just as long as it looks nothing like his bathroom self-portraits:


Image Source: Artsology Blog

41 years later, it's obvious that Jeb Bush hasn't forgiven his brother. Maybe Marvin should create an apology video and upload it to I Fcked Up.


I Fckd Up is an amazing website where guilty-feeling people can upload their own public apology video. Website users can vote on whether the sorry person should be forgiven or not with a "Hell Yeah!" or a "Fck No!"
The website is the perfect place for Marvin to apologize for the Zappa snafu... and for George W. to apologize for his weird paintings... and a lot of other things. Maybe the Bush family should just get their own homepage on the site.

If you've also ruined your sibling's wedding, be better than a Bush and go apologize publicly on I Fcked Up.

Forgiveness is a wonderful thing.


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