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put a zing on it

Will You Merry Me? Nine Ways for an Innocent Holiday Moment to Be Confused for a Wedding Proposal

The holidays can be one of the most romantic times of the year. But if you’re anticipating a wedding proposal, you might be constantly asking yourself, “Could this magic moment be THE magic moment??” Here are nine instances where it would be totally understandable for a woman to think she was being proposed to…even though she wasn’t.

1. When Liz’s boyfriend got down on one knee…. to chop down the Christmas tree. 

 women totally thought1

Image Source: Seattletimes.com

“Who kneels down to use an axe?  Man up, Steve!”

2. When Jessica found that re-used Tiffany’s bag sitting on the window sill. 

 women totally thought2

Image Source: Flickr

“You’re using that distinctive aqua blue bag for a Secret Santa gift?  REALLY?!”

3. When Michelle found herself in a crowd of carolers and assumed they were hired to propose to her, flash mob style.

 women totally thought3

Image Source: Cincycarolers.com

“Not this year, bitch.”

4. When Melissa noticed a mysterious charge for “5 Golden Rings” on her boyfriend’s credit card bill.

 women totally thought4

Image Source: Uswitch.com

“5 rings?  OK, that’s one for each of us.  Then we each have a back up.  And the last one was a buy one get one deal?”

5. When Casey saw this light display and it took her too long to realize it was for Diane down the street.  Ugh, Diane.

women totally thought5 

Image Source: otlcatering.files.wordpress.com 

“Yeah, it’s in front of Diane’s house and everything, but I thought you were just being EXTRA sneaky!” 

6. When Eve walked in on her boyfriend crying to When Harry Met Sally and she was SURE he would propose at the count of midnight on New Year’s Eve. 

 women totally thought6

Image Source: Movies.yahoo.com

“Babe, this is like really emotional.  He LOVES it when it takes her an hour and a half to order a sandwich, can you believe that?!”  

7. That time Megan and her boyfriend went skating at Rockefeller Center and he bent down to tie his skate and had to grab her hand for balance. 

 women totally thought7

Image Source: Yahoo!

“Oh my God!  Oh my God! What? You want me to tie your skate for you?  Grow up, Mike.” 

8. When Erin ate all the Christmas cookies because she was sure someone slipped a ring into the batter. 

women totally thought 8

Image Source: Sodahead

“Calories consumed while looking for a ring don’t count.” 

9. When Santa asked Jessica to sit on his lap and she thought her boyfriend had put Santa up to it.  He hadn’t. 

women totally thought9                

“Have I got a package for you! Ho. Ho. Ho.”

Image Source: Valley Orthodox 


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