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5 Sexy Surprises Better Than a Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot

One of the hottest trends in wedding photography is the Boudoir Shoot—where brides-to-be pose in their veil... and little else.


The idea is that just before the wedding, the groom will see the pictures and they will give him the "oomph" he needs to make it through a long, difficult day.


Before the wedding, your groom is going to be busy. Do you know how HARD it is to tie a bow tie? He and his groomsmen will be busy goofing around, drinking... or actually dealing with his family and tons of other details... just like you. He doesn't really have time to look at that portfolio of cheeky boudoir photos you just spent a fortune for.


If you still want to tantalize your groom before the ceremony, here are 5 provocative alternatives that you'll both enjoy:

1. Book Yourself a Pinup Photo Shoot:


Who hasn't envisioned themselves as a '40s-style pinup? Channel your inner Rita Hayworth, get primped, and have as much fun taking the pictures as he'll have looking at them.

2. Don't Want to Pose in Your Skivvies? Hire a Pinup PAINTER:


You can still be the pinup of your dreams (without actually exposing any skin) by hiring an artist to retro-fy you. Wouldn't a framed pinup painting look perfect hanging over your marital bed?

3. Photoshop Yourself Into One of His Old Playboys:


Even though he only "reads it for the articles," he'll make an exception if you're the centerfold.

4. Sext Him:


When he texts "What are u wearing?" you'll finally have a good response.

5. Got some literary skills? Write an erotic story, about the two of you!


Who knows, you could have the next bestseller on your hands!

If you choose to give your fiancé one of these seductive gifts, you might want to wait to unveil them till after the reception—you don't want him to be distracted from important things, like attaching his boutonniere without sticking himself.

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