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Neon Nuptials: Throw Yourself a Glow-in-the-Dark-Wedding

Whether you were a devoted member of the club scene in the early 2000s, or you just really loved going to Cosmic Bowl as a kid, many couples have gone crazy for glow-in-the-dark parties. That's why we're predicting that black-lit receptions will be the new big wedding trend.

Here are 13 ways to light up your glow-in-the-dark wedding:

1. Tron: Centerpiece


You can strap a glow stick to just about anything: centerpieces, furniture, the aisle, the priest...

2. Glow Worm Wedding Gown


Scientists in Japan have figured out how to genetically engineer silk worms so they can spin glow-in-the-dark thread. Designer Yumi Katsura created this epic wedding kimono from the futuristic fabric made from that silk.

3. Lite-Brite Lady


If you can't afford phosphorescent silk, do like the brides on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding do and DIY yourself an LED wedding gown.

4. Intergalactic Glow


Your bridesmaids will light up the night in this futuristic frock.

5. Bright Bow


This LED bow is the perfect way to make sure your groom doesn't disappear into the background.

6. Magic Makeup


With this glow-in-the-dark makeup, you'll ensure that everyone (even the people in the back) will be able to see every detail of your new look.

7. Fluorescent Florals


Encourage your guests to deck themselves out in neon body paint!

8. Go Green


In 2012, Interflora, a British florist, sold these luminescent roses for Halloween. If only they'd spill their secrets—maybe they used radioactive plant food?

9. Neon Bling Ring


With the lights out at your glow-in-the-dark wedding, you've got to be sure you'll be able to see the rings!

10. Brilliant Bocce Ball


With these LED Bocce balls, the wedding lawn games can continue... even when the lights are out!

11. Incandescent Cocktail


Did you know that any drink glows under a black light if you slip a little tonic water into it?

12. Stunning Spun Sugar


Etsy seller Summer Snow Entertainment sells everything you need to create amazing glow-in-the-dark cotton candy displays that will make your guests feel like they're running through the fun house at a carnival!

13. Coolest Cake


Even a traditional white wedding cake can glow when the lights turn off.

Now that you have everything that you need to plan your glow-in-the-dark wedding, make sure to remind everyone not to whiten their teeth before the ceremony:


Unless you know someone who really has a thing for pretending to be the Cheshire Cat.

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