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13 Ways to Add Retro Punk Flavor to Your Wedding

You don't give a damn about your bad reputation, and you don't care about frilly white gowns or couples' cocktails, either. As far as you and your mate are concerned, anything goes as long as you're together.

If you're the kind of couple who'd rather be head banging than wedding planning, we've found 13 ways to have your special day with a retro punk touch.

1. These Cupcakes Have Bite


Did you know that Joey Ramone had a major sweet tooth?

2. Bridal Boots


A true punk never goes anywhere (even her wedding!) without her trusty Doc Martens.

3. Crime of Passion


Give your guests a can of spray paint and encourage them to engage in a little romantic destruction.

4. Backstage Pass


Tell your guests that if they forget about your Save the Dates, they'll be Sex Pistol-whipped.

5. Skulls & Crossbones


The international symbol of pirates, tombstones, and punk rock weddings.

6. Anarchy in the Wedding Chapel


Personalize your leather jacket for you special day.

7. Mohawk Munchies


This fruit is so anti-establishment!

8. Tell Me About It, Stud!


Treat your baked goods like you'd treat your leather.

9. Skulls and Drumsticks


For formal events, we bring out our fancy skulls.

10. Think Pink


When you're this punk, you can't even be bothered to finish painting a "Just Married" sign.

11. The Higher the Hair


Make sure your groom knows he's allowed to channel his inner peacock, too.

12. Dramatic Flair


Subtlety has no place in your wedding day look.

13. And Don't Forget...


The only rule you have to follow is LOVE!

Just because you're getting married, it doesn't mean you can't wreak some havoc. If you've got the right attitude, you can make your nuptials pretty punk rock!

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