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Gift Suggestions for the Workaholic Couple

If You Are: Entry Level

Ask For: A Deal With This Stamp ($10)


For as much as you both love to do things yourselves (who needs that wedding planner?) sometimes the ability to delegate comes in handy, especially for your sanity. So next time that whiny co-worker asks you to take care of something you assigned them, stamp this on their forehead.

Deal-With-This-StampIf You Are: Middle Management

Ask For: A Handpress Auto Electrical Espresso Machine ($190)


Let’s be honest: the secret to your ability to get crap done? Caffeine. But with your busy schedule, who has time to brew a cup of coffee every morning, let alone wait in that 30-minute Starbucks line? What you really need is a coffee maker that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter, allowing you to brew during your commute. It’s basically magic.



If You Are: Executives

Ask For: One Year Cleaning Service From Maid Brigade ($2,400)

Look me in the eye and tell me how clean your toilets are. When’s the last time you and your baby washed your ceiling fan? What about your baseboards? Friend, I know the two of you have been busy planning the wedding of your dreams, so there’s no shame in admitting it… you guys wish you had a cleaning service. Don't quit your day job to have a house that sparkles -- accept the gift of one less thing on your to-do list. 



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