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Tying the Knot on V-Day? Here Are 11 Must-Have Decorations

Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year, so there are bound to be thousands of weddings scheduled for this most romantic of days.  But if you’d dare to hold your wedding on this sugarcoated holiday, know that your guests are going to expect heart-shaped chocolates, rose petals, and other Cupid-approved decor.  

We assembled some of our favorite Valentine’s Day-themed wedding details that are sure to inspire even the most “Valentine’s Day is a corporate sham” kind of couples.

1. Cupid’s Cocktail


Image Source: foodrepublic.com

The Cupid’s Cocktail has Campari, cognac, bitters and egg whites.  And with that cute heart-shaped stencil, people will be totally distracted from the fact that they’re drinking raw eggs. 

2. Conversation Piece

Valentinewedding 2

Image Source: gimmesomeoven.com

A wedding cake covered in Conversation Hearts is perfect for that couple who met in grade school.  

3. Speaking of Grade School…

Valentinewedding 3

Image Source: heyweddinglady.com

Your guests will be over the rainbow when they see these handmade heart garlands!  

4. Sweet Heart

Valentinewedding 4

Image Source: theproperpinwheel.com

Blogger Lexi Ward made this EDIBLE confetti by taking a heart shaped hole-punch to some flattened out Airheads candy.  We just hope that birds can digest candy better than rice. 

5. The Clash

Valentinewedding 5

Image Source: stylemepretty.com

For some reason, no one minds clashing colors on Valentine’s Day.  It’s your day to make everyone dizzy by wearing pink and red together, so work it. 

6. Heart-Shaped Photo Op

Valentinewedding 6

Image Source: bridesmaid.com

Just in case anyone forgets that your wedding is on Valentine’s Day… here’s a pretty big reminder. 

7. Camera Shy…

Valentinewedding 7

Image Source: stylishweddingideas.com

When you get sick of smiling, hide behind a hand-held heart.  How has no one ever thought of this before? 

8. Shot Through the Heart

Valentinewedding 8

Image Source: celebratemag.com

We wish all place settings could double as weaponry. 

9. Piece of My Heart (-Shaped Sandwich)

Valentinewedding 9 

Image Source: dailyfix.co.za

FACT: Food tastes 20 times more delicious when it’s shaped like a heart.

10. Make Your Groom a Human Valentine

Valentinewedding 10

Image Source: popsugar.com

Remind him that only manly men can pull off hearts, lace, and glitter!

11. Spark It Up

Valentinewedding 11

Image Source: popsugar.com

You can’t spell love without fireworks!  Well, you can… but it’s way less fun. 

Now that you’ve seen how other couples have made their special day look like an explosion inside a card factory, you’ll be able to have your own very Valentine’s Day Wedding. 


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