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Looking for Daring Wedding Colors? Try Shades of Ombré!

Back in 2007, Gisele Bündchen dyed her hair so that the dark shade at her roots gradually faded into blonde at the tips, and the ombré trend was born. Years later, everyone is still obsessed with that subtle, or not so subtle, fade.


Ombré isn't just for stylish hair, either. The trend can be applied to anything that showcases a color gradient.

Here are 11 ways to add a touch of ombré to your special day:

1. Deep Purple


The way this cake fades from wedding white to the darkest of royal purple has our stomachs growling.

2. 50 Shades of Bridesmaid


Have your bridesmaids dress in different shades of the same color and... voila! You'll suddenly have a DIY ombré bridal party.

3. Faded Love


Even simple invitations can't escape your ombré obsession.

4. Perfectly Pink


Surprise! Even the inside of your cake can be an ombré display.

5. Here Comes the Ombride


White wedding dresses are practically begging to be dip-dyed!

6. Behind the Flower Curtain


If this hanging flower curtain weren't magical enough, it's also beautifully color coordinated.

7. Macaron Madness


While macarons are now ubiquitous at stylish weddings, how many couples serve them on a color coordinated tree?

8. Drink Yourself Colorblind


Your guests will be fading into oblivion after pounding some of these colorful cocktails.

9. Who Needs a Veil?


Let's not forget that this trend started out as a hairstyle—as this bride so beautifully illustrates.

10. Black and White and Hot Pink All Over


When you're playing with color, there's no need to be subtle.

11. Rock the Runway


Who needs the red carpet when you can have a carpet that gradually fades from red to hot pink to light pink?

Now that you've seen all the ways you can play with ombré, why would you ever bother with solid colors ever again?

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