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Bridal Brews: 9 Ways to Include Craft Beer in Your Wedding

If you thought that wedding day alcohol was restricted to pink champagne and couples cocktails, we have some brewed news for you. Now that the craft beer movement in in full swing, it's totally acceptable to have your entire wedding themed around that liquid bread!

Here are 9 ways to incorporate lagers, stouts, and ales into your hoppy day:

1. BYOB – as in "Brew Your Own Beer!"


A few weeks before your big day, brew your own beer and have it bottled up for the reception. There are plenty of homebrew shops across the country with the equipment and know-how to help you put wedding bartenders out of business.

2. Something Old, Something Brewed


Custom beer labels prove that your love is one of a kind... just like you!

3. Hoppily Ever After


Wit and Wonder Designs, a floral shop on Etsy, makes adorable boutonnieres out of hops! (Although, who actually knows what a hop looks like?)

4. Ale You Need is Love


...and the prospect of free beer. These "Save the Dates" are sure to lure even the most bitter of friends and relatives to witness your love.

5. Romance on Tap


This DIY bar lets your guests have the variety and quantity of draughts they crave, without having to tap a keg.

6. Brewed Food


Beer is good for more than a buzz... it adds incredible flavor to foods, as well. Serve dishes that utilize lagers and ales, like a classic Beer Cheddar Soup or Steak and Ale pie!

7.. Flight Me to the Moon


Set up a beer flight that compliments each course so that your guests can get a taste of several different styles they may never have tried on their own.

8. Don't Stout My Baking Skills


Chocolate stout cake has a moist, coffee-like flavor that makes the perfect base for a wedding cake. You can even pair a Guinness chocolate cake with a Bailey's cream frosting for the "Irish Car Bomb" of desserts!

9. I Brew!


Go all out and have your wedding or reception at a brewery! There are tons of microbreweries across the nation that do events. Now your guests can get light-headed from the faint smell of yeast as they dance the night away.

If you try out one of these brewed ideas, your wedding will be one that your guests (may or may not remember!)

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