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Mason Jars

Quiz question: What’s the one object that can be used as a drinking glass, a terrarium, a chandelier, a picture frame, a candle-holder, a toiletry bag, a name-card, and an adorable way to make a single serving of s’mores cake? If you guessed “mason jar,” you must be planning a wedding.

Why is it that the minute people get engaged they start seeing the world in terms of mason jars? And at this point, it’s just too much. It used to be fun and unconventional to take these quaint little household items and use them to hold flowers or drinks. But now the only thing more overplayed at a wedding is The Electric Slide…and I don’t got the boogie.

I’m not saying you can’t use a mason jar here and there at your wedding. Just don’t use them for EVERYTHING. The disgusting fact is that mason jars are more than just decoration now: they’ve become a full-fledged wedding theme. People, please! Your wedding is a golden opportunity to express yourself. It’s a chance for you and your partner to declare your deepest passions to the world. And you’re gonna lead with jars!?

And before you try telling me they’re environmentally friendly, remember that 9 times out of 10, you’re not recycling them from old canning projects, which theorectically would make it eco-something, but instead you’re buying them in bulk from a wedding vendor that ships them in from China. A much greener idea would be to nix those four-layer paper wedding invitations that play a Jack Johnson song when you open them.

If you want to capture the kitschy, recycled spirit of the mason jar, why not go for something that’s actually personal to you? I’ve seen amazing centerpieces built out of old books. I recently went to a wedding where all the flowers were in found glass bottles of different shapes and sizes. There are so many ways to make your wedding personal, unconventional, and environmentally friendly.

So let’s do everyone a favor and start thinking outside the jar.

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