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Till Guac do Us Part: 9 Awesome Ways to Serve Avocados at Your Wedding

You moved to Southern California to be close to the avocado trees. You feel insulted when the guy at Chipotle asks if you want guac on your burrito. "Yes, I know it's extra, now pile it on!" You know that your abuela's family recipe is the best, and make it by the pound. If this is you, here are 9 ways to serve avocados on your wedding day—the ripe way!

1. Guacamole Bar


Everyone loves guac, everyone loves DIY, so give your guests the chance to GIY—Guac It Yourself! Instead of the typical wedding food stations, set up all the fixings for people to get creative with their favorite chip companion.

2. Avocado Bruschetta


For a more southwest take on this Italian classic, add a layer of avocado spread before the tomatoes and cheese. Not only will it taste amazing, but the avocado keeps the tomato from making the bread all soggy!

3. Guacarita


That's right—add an avocado to your booze to include it in your signature cocktail.

4. Avocado Puree Bloody Mary


For the brunch wedding, what's more appropriate than an avocado mousse bacon Bloody Mary? Or to really make it southwestern, sub the vodka for tequila and have some Bloody Marias!

5. Mexican Shrimp Cocktail


If you don't want to add avocado to an actual cocktail, how about a shrimp cocktail? This traditional appetizer basically combines fresh salsa, shrimp, and avocado for a twist on the traditional cold shrimp and cocktail sauce.

6. Avocado Lotion


For you and your bridesmaids to feel ultra luxurious, try a lotion out of avocado oil. You'll all smell good enough to eat!

7. A Different Kind of Green Salad


Skip the traditional side salad and opt for an avocado salad instead! You can add virtually anything you want, including all the other makings for your standard salad, or you can go for something different like mango and corn.

8. Avo-Got-To Get Some More Dessert


Since avocados are a natural "good fat," in many recipes, you can actually forgo the butter. These incredible Avocado Chili Brownies topped with Avocado Tequila Ice Cream are the perfect sweet and spicy dessert to serve up in lieu of, or in addition to, a traditional wedding cake.

9. Parting is Such Sweet Scents


As a centerpiece or as a parting gift, these Avocado Citrus soy candles are the perfect way to let the avocado love linger on long after the last bit of guac has been scraped from the bowl.

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