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Think Twice Before Serving Cute Mini-Food at Your Wedding

If something is mini-fied, it's automatically adorable. Mini-golf? How cute! Mini-me? Creepy, but amazing. Mini food is no exception.


But should you really serve mini-food at your wedding?

For guests, one of the best parts of going to a wedding is having an excuse to eat and drink without restraint. Does anyone really feel satisfied after eating something that could be a feast for a doll?


You're definitely going to have a case of grumpy guests on your hands when their blood sugar starts to drop due to lack of appropriate sustenance. Unless you can make a full size burger out of those mini burgers, you might have a wedding riot on your hands.


Fear not, though! There are other ways to have cool, adorable food at your wedding... without starving your guests.

1. Sandwich Station


A sandwich station means extreme customization, so guests get as much as they want, however they want it. (Please note that full-sized bread!)

2. Stuff on a Stick


Food automatically tastes better when it's kebab-ified.

3. Taco Bars


The best thing about tacos is that you can only stuff so much into one before they fall apart. They're automatic mini-food that no one will begrudge you for!

4. Popcorn Bar


As long as you still plan on serving your guests a proper meal, this popcorn bar is an awesome mix of salty and sweet. Now when does the movie start?

5. Breakfast Buffet


Your guests will be delighted that they get to eat breakfast for dinner. There will be a smorgasbord of syrups, fruit, meat and carbs to keep everyone's blood sugar high and happy.

We understand that you want to serve your guests something cute. Luckily there are creative ways to do that without starving them out!

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