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Free Wedding Vows for the Gym Rat Couple

Too busy building up a sweat and pounding protein shakes to come up with your vows? Good thing the staff at Bridalville doesn't work out... we had all the time in the world to write these vows for you!

You're the most beautiful person in the world, other than myself.

But we look even better when we're together!


Image Source: Kaysha Weiner

You're a rare find, like an open bench at the gym.


Image Source: College Gym Tracker

You never let me skip a workout...


You know how to keep my diet in check.


Image Source: Pixshark

You even put up with my creatine mood swings!

We go together like whey protein and milk..


Image Source: 8Fit

Like my free weights, you're always by my side.


Image Source: Lucrezia Jeans

I promise to never have a cheat day.


Image Source: IziSmile

Because we're not just best friends...


Image Source: Rowell Photo

We're swole-mates!


Image Source: BodyBuilding.com

Now I just have one question...


Image Source: Pinterest 

GIFS courtesy Giphy


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