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Wicked Addiction

Wicked Addiction
Type: Online
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Designer crystal footwear and fanciful bedazzled accessories by Wicked Addiction provide both men and women with unique styling options to glam up their wardrobe.

Sky high Swarovski crystal heels, hand painted clutch purses and sparkling novelty flat shoes are just a few of the 'shoe addictions' available from Wicked Addiction. The creative minds behind Wicked Addiction are a trio of sisters who know that behind every great woman are pair of slammin' shoes. Jaci, Heather and Sonya Johnson are more than just sisters. They are a force to be reckoned with. After spending years creating hand painted gifts and other treasures for loved ones, transforming ordinary shoes into works of wearable art was a natural evolution in their design repertoire.

Wicked Addiction is an opportunity for these talented sisters to join creative forces for the good of mankind while bringing even their most wildest dreams and fantasies to life through footwear. Jaci, Heather and Sonya have carved out a comfortable niche in the handmade marketplace. Guided by their collective personalities and innate senses of style, they provide their customers with the absolute best handmade products.

True to their hometown of St. Louis, their Etsy shop is filled with dazzling shoes that represent their local sports teams as well as a wide selection of themes ranging from pop culture to modern art and everything in between. Nothing is off limits as the Johnson Sisters crossed that line long ago in their desire to offer cutting edge footwear and sassy accessories that anyone would be excited to have.

Inspired by their surroundings, art and the beauty of the natural world- just about anything can trigger an idea for a new design. With a keen sense of purpose and quality manufacturing, the Wicked Addiction designer shoe line is unique and matchless. Using only the finest materials and craftsmanship techniques, each item tells a story of its own while also being exclusive and distinctive.

Step out of the darkness and into the limelight with Wicked Addiction.

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